Past Events

A Gathering of Friends, The Holy Land in Amman, Jordan, Jerusalem and Bethlehem, Israel, December 21, 1999 – December 26, 1999 (direct catalyst)

Speakers for the gathering:
• United States: Congressman Tony Hall, twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.
• United States: Former Secretary of State James A. Baker, III
• United States: John Perkins, Southern Baptist minister
• Germany: Prince and Princess Albrecht Castell, leading reconciler between Germany and over 20 countries regarding Germany’s atrocities in World War II
• Jordan: King Abdullah
• Israel: Leah Rabin, wife of former Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin
• Israel: Shimon Perez, former Prime Minister of Israel and Nobel Peace Laureate
• Israel: Ehud Omert, former Mayor of Jerusalem and former Prime Minister of Israel
• Israel: Yehuda Wachsman
• South Korea: Kim De Jung, Former President of South Korea and Nobel Prize Laureate (via videotape)
• India: Rajmohan Gandhi (grandson of Mahatma Gandhi)