Mack Harnden

Mack Harnden Ph.D. is Senior Vice President, Organizational Consulting with Right Management.

Consulting Experience

Dr. Mack Harnden has over 30 years of consulting, coaching and counseling experience.  Specializing in pre-employment assessment, selection models, professional development, organizational consulting and career management, Dr. Harnden brings a broad background to Right Management Consultants.  His professional practice has included both national and international work, addressing conflict resolution at the individual, family, business, community, national, and global level.

Mack was the founder and director of the Christian Counseling Center in Lawrence, Kansas, which merged in 1985 with Christian Psychological Services (CPS) throughout Greater Kansas City.  Under his 12 years of leadership as Director of both not-for-profit corporations, the organization averaged an annual growth rate of over 25% and expanded to a staff of 16 professionals.

Dr. Harnden is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point and a Vietnam combat veteran.  He received his Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Kansas.

Client Focus

Dr. Harnden is committed to a comprehensive, holistic approach in consulting with individuals and organizations.  Both short-term and strategically focused, he assesses and addresses the overall health of individuals and the system within an organization and facilitates positive change.

Global Outreach

Dr. Harnden has been a pioneer in conflict management / resolution with his focus on the “forgiveness” process.  After envisioning and directing the “First National Convention on Forgiveness” which took place in Kansas City in April of 1993, Dr. Harnden envisioned and co-managed the first “International Gathering” to focus specifically on the process and relevance of forgiveness and reconciliation in preparation for the third millennium.  This conference took place in December 1999 in the strategic cities of Jerusalem, Bethlehem, and Amman, Jordan.  It featured several Middle East leaders as well as world scholars.  These two events were the first of their kind in history to address forgiveness on an individual, interpersonal, familial, national, and international level.  Frequently asked to speak on the topic of forgiveness, Dr. Harnden has been quoted in newspapers, magazines, and other publications.